There are times when we break teeth or teeth have decay spread so far across a tooth that a crown may be needed to restore the tooth to proper health. A crown is usually a porcelain prosthesis that fits over the top of a tooth that has been prepared by shaving down the sides of the tooth. The crown covers the entire tooth and protects the underlying tooth structure and helps prevent the tooth from further breaking or decaying.

Whenever a premolar or molar tooth has undergone root canal therapy it is always recommended that a crown be placed on that tooth to prevent the tooth from breaking or becoming re-infected and needing to undergo retreatment of the root canal.

Crowns are now made to match the color of the surrounding teeth so no noticeable metal or gold showing when you smile or open.

Crowns can also be used on front teeth to enhance your smile by recontouring the shape of the teeth and whitening the teeth they cover.