What Are Some Advantages of Composite Fillings From Our Dentist?

One of our professional New Iberia, LA dentists can tell you

If you’re suffering from tooth decay or cavities, Jordan Family Dentistry can use composite fillings to restore your smile. Below are three advantages of this type of filling:

  • It looks natural.
  • It prevents further tooth decay.
  • It insulates your teeth from drastic temperature changes.

People won’t even be able to tell that you have composite fillings. They’ll be too distracted by your dazzling new smile to notice anything else. Visit our family dentistry in New Iberia, LA today to get composite fillings for your teeth.

Gone are the days of silver and mercury fillings

Your composite fillings won't stand out like other types of fillings. Jordan Family Dentistry can shape them so that they look exactly like your teeth. You won't be embarrassed to show off your smile once we've filled your teeth.

Schedule a dental appointment to get your composite fillings in New Iberia, LA by contacting us today.